Lyle Pearson 200 -- 2010 registration open now???

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I'll try to keep the teams lined up here (let me know of any errors).

Team Reel 1: (Registered & Paid)
Ladd Williamson
Eric Denning
Nate Denning
Rob Deeble

Team Reel 2: (Registered & Paid)
Harris McMullin
Matt Hanson
James McMullin
Charise McMullin

Team Reel 3: (Registered & Paid)
Steve Olson
Matt McKinlay
Terry Deeble
Tony Mauser

Team Reel 4: (Registered & Paid)
Dan Gale
James Connelly
Jason Slatter
Tim Anderson

Team Reel 5: (Registered & Paid)
Not riding...

Fairly Reliable Bob's: (Registered & Paid)
Bobby Peterson and Crew!

Fairly Reliable Bob's 2: (Bobby got a 2nd team together?) Cool!


Race Bible 2010 Lyle Pearson 200

1. Intro: The Boise Cycling Club, Idaho’s oldest cycling club est. 1972 would like to introduce you to the 5th Lyle Pearson 200. On Saturday June 5th we will offer a strategic as well as challenging 200 mile team event. We have chosen a team format to involve more riders. The main object of this event will be to work together and have fun while riding 200 of the most challenging miles in Idaho. The ride will start at Kessler’s cafe in Boise and follow state Highway 21 over four major climbs to Stanley. In Stanley we will turn on to State Highway 75 this will take us up to 9000 feet going over galena summit on our way to Sun Valley. Total climbing will be in the 15,000 foot range.
2. Team format: Each team will consist of four riders and one manager. The make up of the team can be all male, all female or coed. We will use the U.S.A. cycling ranking system to rank each team. The team ranking must equal 10 or more. The ranking of each rider will be added together to reach this number. Example one cat. 1, one cat. 2, two cat. 4’s. this team’s ranking would be 11. A rider who has never had a racing license will be considered a cat. 5. NORBA riders will use the new U.S.A. cycling rank.
3. Fees: The Cost of the event will be $200.00 per team. The team must be reg. By May 25th. There will be no day of sign up.
4. Start format: The first team will be off at 6:00am. We will start each team one at a time. Intervals will be decided based on the team rankings.
5. Prize list: The prize list will be cash $1000.00 1st $500.00 2nd $300.00 3rd $200.00
6. Transitions: The event will consist of 9 transition areas. These will be the only areas where the teams can exchange riders.

1.Robbie Creek

2. Idaho City

3. Summit of Mores Creek

4. Lowman

5. Grand Jean

6. Summit of Banner Creek

7. Stanley

8. Smiley Creek

9. Galena Lodge

7. Time limit: All teams must be to Stanley for the start of the last three legs by 4:30pm. Any team outside of this must retire.
8. Handicaps: There will be four ways to qualify for a handicap. Rider ranking, team weight, age, and gender. If the team ranking equals 15 you will receive a five minute reduction in overall time for every point over 15. Example four cat. 5’s equal 20 handicap 25minutes. If the team overall weight exceeds 750lbs the team will receive a 20 minute handicap. Age handicaps for 2009. Team age greater than 179 = 10 minutes, team age greater than 199 = 15 minutes, team age greater than 220 = 30 minutes. Gender, every female rider will be worth a five minute handicap.
9. General rules:

1. Rosters for each leg will be turned in the night before at the managers meeting. Each team will need to decide rider rotation. Once a leg is started the team must stay together. The next leg cannot be started until all riders from the previous leg have finished. Each team will be allowed up to three riders on the road. Except the last leg from Galena to Sun Valley on this leg you will have the option to ride all four at once.

2. Drafting: Of course drafting is allowed between teammates but not between teams. This will be watched very closely.

3. Time Trial Bikes: Each team has the option to use as many bikes as they want to carry on one support car. Bike changes can only be done in the transition areas. If you start a leg on your tt bike you must finish that leg on your tt bike.

4. Follow car: Each team will be allowed to use one support car. The race will provide each car with Bikes on the Road sign. This sign will be placed on the front and back of each car. We will also provide each car with a couple cones. Other items the car will need (first aid kit, tools, ect.) The car will not be allowed to follow their riders. The state highway dept. is going to require that the manager leave the transition area and pass their riders and go to the next transition.

10. Manager/riders meeting. At least one team member must attend. The meeting will

Take place Friday June 4th 7:00pm George's Cycles on Front Street.

11. Rider mileage Minimum and Maximum.
1. Each team member must ride at least two sections.
2. A rider may not ride more than four sections of the event, not including section 9.

06/05/2010 - 6:00am
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I am game

I know I am going to be doing it. I have on my Team so far
Matt Hanson
Paul McKenna
and Me
Brad do you want in this year?

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LP 2010

Yes, count me in Harris.

rob deeble's picture

Rob is in

If anyone will take me on their team count me in.

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I'm game for a re-run of our team last year if you guys are...

FYI for captains signing up. I'd like all the teams to match this year. Last year we had one Reel Theatre, one Team Reel, and one TVCC... Let's do Team Reel - 1 ( - 2, - 3, etc) or something instead of the number... just so we really stand out in the results.

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Team Reel encore

How about one team that's basically a continuation of the last few years:


We could name the teams something like this :
Team Reel Fast!
Team Reel Slow
Team Reel Snazzy!
Team Reel Sparkle
Team Reel Ponies

eric's picture


Perfect! :)

nate's picture


Count me in for Team Reel Ponies!

I'm in

If someone is willing to take me.

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I had a blast with our team last year but I think it would be fun to get to ride with different people. I know Rob keeps BEGGING to ride with me. It's a little annoying but what are ya gonna do? : ) So my 2 cents, lets change it up a little.

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8 teams registered in one day...

at this rate, it will be full in a week! I'll register soon to reserve a spot.

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Good Idea Ladd

It sounds like teams need to act fast. This seems really early but, let the fun begin.

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Count me in...

I will drive the green machine again this year.

m1mckinlay's picture

McKinlay's in too...

That was a blast last year. I'll ride with whatever team will take me.

Tony's picture

I'm In

I would love to do this again - I will ride with whoever will take me, I had a blast last year and I promise to get better tires this year :) The team I was on last year was great! Do you wanna try it again?

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Team Reel 1 -- Bingo!

Teem Reel 1 is registered. The breakdown is $58.10 each. My tentative plan is:

Ladd, Eric, Nate, Rob. I'm flexible, but you'd better have a good reason if there are any changes!!!

BTW -- I spoke with Dan, and it looks like we may even need a fourth team...

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We are the 48th Team to sign up. Those are going fast. Team Reel 2 is now booked. My team had changed. This is who we have:
Harris McMullin
James McMullin
Brad Streeter
Matt Hanson (aka Fat Hanson)

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Unfortunately Steve, Terry, Matt, and Tony beat you to the punch and are already registered. The good news is that we now have three confirmed teams. We need to get a few more guys to join Jason and fast so that we can have four teams rock'n out there.

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Team 2

Yeah but Steve registered under Team Reel 3 as Ladd has assigned.

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Registered Teams

Looking good! They're still showing 48 teams registered so far. I see a couple other groups with 3 teams but none with 4 so far, so we'd really be representing if we formed another team or two. :)

Team 4 signed up!

I just signed up. Just heard from Rob that James Connelly is in! My Bro. Jon says he is a possibility. Who else wants in?

Count me in for Team 4

Looking forward to it. Now I just have to get riding!

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Tim Anderson for team four

Today Tim Anderson committed to team four.
I have invited Bobby Peterson to our Team meeting in January which I believe he will attend. He is interested in joining the team and has already spoken to his brothers about doing Lyle Pearson. Who knows, maybe even five Team Reel's.
We Rock!

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I heard rumors that Charise and Jamie were going to be putting together a Team 5 all girls.

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More teams

I noticed that they are allowing more than 60 teams. It is at 63 right now.

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They flier always said 70... so it's getting close.

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Got it

Oh I see. I thought it was 60. But Reese and Jamie need to get on it if they want to do it.

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signed up!

OK, we are signed up!
Jamie, Libby, Jessie and I are on Team Reel 5. Should be fun!

eric's picture

Team Reel Rocks

Wow... 5 teams registered? I have to say that we rule. :)

Brad's picture


Five teams and counting

Girls rock!

Very cool girls!